Kaga Electronics Head Office Building

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Project Outline

Business owner Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd.
Location Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Building use Headquarters building
Total floor area Approximately 9,100㎡
Structure S structure
Number of floors 12 floors above ground/1 floor below ground

Related Building Type

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    In today’s world, businesses in all industries need to have global perspective. Efforts towards carbon neutrality is one of the initiatives to which businesses are expected to commit. For office projects, it has become more important to demonstrate corporate value as a part of branding, create space for innovation, and ensure facilities suitable for web conferences to meet with prevailing demands. Also for tenant office projects, in addition to the improvement of profitability and branding to differentiate from other competitors, new requirements are emerging in accordance with the evolving working style such as home office. It is a pressing challenge for property owners to update the concept of tenant business, to deal with decreasing demand of office spaces.

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