What is construction management(CM)?

Construction management (CM) is one part of the construction and production system. A construction manager (CMr) with expertise in building facilities maintains engineering neutrality while standing in the customer's shoes to manage each phase: ordering, design, construction and so on.

CM is a system originally created and developed in the U.S. In Japan, more projects are adopting CM as awareness of CSR grows and as society and the economy change, spurring greater use of CRE/PRE and causing fluctuations in staffing and material costs.
In a facility construction project involving various designers, builders and other companies and people, applying CM is likely to deliver many benefits. For example, you can make use of experts' perspectives and handling techniques to maintain project transparency and fairness and to control quality, costs and deadlines.

Y-Style PMC

The major difference between Yamashita PMC and other consulting firms is that we meet with the client again and again to work out a facility strategy that perfectly fits with their business strategy. Then, until the client's vision has been realized, we make sure to provide a steady stream of services.
Unlike other firms that just hand over some documents, suggest an idea and forget about it, and don't bother to see the project through to fruition, the managers at Yamashita PMC will never provide their services in such a manner. Not only are they smart, but they are assertive and put in a hard day's work for their clients. This is our Y-Style approach to PM/CM.

In addition to basic CM functions, with our production of facility strategies that perfectly fit with clients' business strategies and our unique knowledge on how to construct and operate facilities, we do everything we can to benefit the client.

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