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Yamashita PMC Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has stipulated the following basic policy. All employees, including management, abide by this Privacy Policy with the understanding that the purpose of the Policy is to manage all personal information in the Company’s possession.

01 Definition of personal information

The Company defines personal information as all information that could identify an individual person.

02 Purpose of collection, scope of use, deletion and correction of personal information

If the Company collects personal information, the Company shall provide prior notice of the purpose behind the collection and the method of use, and shall only collect personal information within the scope necessary. In addition, the Company shall only use information within the scope consented to upon its collection, and shall not use said information for any other purpose.
Furthermore, in the event of a change to an individual’s personal information (e.g. a change of address) or if the individual requests the deletion of their personal information, the Company shall revise, update or delete the personal information provided by the individual.

03 Collection of personal information by contracting

When the Company is entrusted with information processing which includes provision of personal information, the Company shall stipulate and abide by rules concerning personal information that pertain to such matters as: maintaining confidentiality; further subcontracting; burden of responsibility during incidents; return and deletion of personal information upon the conclusion of a contract.

04 Disclosure of personal information

The Company shall not use the personal information it has obtained beyond the scope of the following purpose of use, unless otherwise personally consented to by the Client:

  1. to confirm the identity of the Client or of the Client’s proxy;
  2. to contact the Client so as to provide information on topics such as products and services recommended by the Company;
  3. to customize information in the Service, the Service or ad serving in accordance with the Client’s age, occupation, gender, interests or the like;
  4. to use for marketing (market research, questionnaires, etc.), data analysis, or for the research or development of the Service;
  5. to properly and smoothly perform transactions with the Client and with other business partners, and to conduct other transaction-related operations with the Client and other business partners;
  6. for other purposes associated with the preceding.

05 Security measures

The Company shall not, without the Client’s consent, disclose or provide to third parties the Client’s personal information which is in the Company’s possession.However, the Company may disclose or provide personal data without the Client’s consent in the following cases:

  1. if in accordance with a law or regulation;
  2. if necessary to protect the life, body or assets of a person, and obtaining the Client’s consent proves difficult;
  3. if especially necessary to promote improved public sanitation or to raise healthy children, and obtaining the Client’s consent proves difficult;
  4. if necessary to cooperate with the execution of the legally stipulated duties of an organ of the national government, of a local government or of an entity commissioned thereby, and if obtaining the Client’s consent could hinder the execution of said duties;
  5. if some or all the operations required to operate the Service are commissioned to a subcontractor with whom the Company has concluded a nondisclosure agreement.

06 Legal compliance and continuous improvements to personal information management

In addition to implementing strict security measures to protect the personal information entrusted by the Client from various threats, the Company continuously reviews systems and prevents unauthorized access, information loss, misuse, destruction, leakage and tampering. In addition, the Company raises awareness among employees to encourage them to make individual efforts at protecting Client privacy.

07 Client access logs

Information on visitors accessing the website are recorded in an access log. The access log includes information such as: the domain name and IP address of visitors; the type of browser used; the date and time of access. However, the access log is used for statistical analysis relating to the website’s maintenance and state of use, and shall not be used for any other purpose.

08 Cookies

Cookies are data transmitted between the browser on the computer used by a Client and the server so that browsing the Company’s website will be more convenient when the Client visits again. Cookies are saved on the Client’s browser and may be referenced by the server, but the files sent by the Company’s website as cookies do not contain information identifying individual people; said cookies are thus not an invasion of the Client’s privacy and do not have a malicious effect on the Client’s computer. The Company’s website uses cookies for the following purposes:

  1. to research how the Company’s website is used and to improve advertising, marketing and services;
  2. to serve display ads by third-party ad-serving enterprises such as Google. Note that the cookie data and other information obtained by said third parties are handled according to the privacy policies of said third parties. The Client may select cookie transmission settings such as “allow all cookies,” “reject all cookies” or “notify the user if a cookie is received.” The settings vary according to the browser. Check your browser’s Help menu for how to use cookie settings. With regard to the preceding, note that if the browser is configured to reject all cookies, the Client’s use of online services may be disabled or limited, such as the ability to access services requiring authentication. Third-party ad-serving enterprises such as Google may use cookies to obtain information on access to the Company’s website and then, based on that information, display the Company’s advertisements on other websites. Note that the Client can stop said third parties from using cookie information or the like to serve ads by accessing the opt-out page on said third party’s website (e.g. the Google Analytics opt-out add-on).
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