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Consult with a Chief Facility Coordinator on the concerns and issues you have about your facility.
After inquiring about your needs and requirements, Yamashita PMC managers will give you the details on the advantages and costs of applying PM/CM. Fill out and send the form below for a consultation or questions about facility construction and operations, PRE/CRE strategy, ordering methods, partners for configuration, construction and design, or other such topics.

The Inquiry Process

  1. 1Interview

    You'll speak with managers having plenty of experience in the relevant business and the use you envision for your facility. Even if you're located far from our Tokyo offices, don't hesitate to consult with us.

  2. 2Proposal

    We'll propose the best approach and team for your project, in line with the purpose of the business, your budget and other important factors.

  3. 3Contract and Project Start

    If you see the advantages in receiving Yamashita PMC's services, we can promptly conclude a contract and get the project started.

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The personal information you enter will not be used for any reason other than the purpose of this inquiry. We will manage personal information you provide responsibly and appropriately based on our privacy policy. Please make your inquiry upon reading through the "Privacy Policyopen in new window" and agree to the content.

Telephone Inquiries


JST UTC+9 Weekhours: 09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.

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