SERVICEService Overview

From business creation to strategizing and execution, we're here to assist

Y-Style PMC brings together four capabilities so that no matter what phase your project is in, Yamashita PMC will always stand at your side as a Facility Strategist providing precision management and advice.


Business Strategy

Business creation

Maybe you want to build a sports facility to liven up a district, renovate a business hotel into a resort hotel, or design an office adapted to the working lifestyles of the future. Whatever your objective may be, Yamashita PMC will prepare a strategy to achieve your vision and truly make it a reality.

  • Research

    • Marketing research
    • Area analysis, from macro to micro
    • Social and economic analysis
  • Business creation support

    • Business matching exploration
    • Feasibility studies
    • Due diligence
    • Competition and positioning analysis
    • Business income/expenditure
  • Business strategy preparation

    • Business scheme exploration
    • Targeting analysis
    • Project objectives exploration
    • CRE/PRE strategy preparation assistance
  • Planning/business concept

    • Business idea preparation
    • Planning/business concept formulation

Facility Strategy

Integrating business strategy into facility strategy

There is no way a client can make a profitable facility if there are gaps between the business strategy and the facility strategy. Yamashita PMC digs deeply to consider what people will congregate at a facility and what sort of business will be conducted there. We then integrate our insights into the functions, design and equipment. Additionally, we organize the best project to achieve your goals.

  • Setting goals and prerequisites

    • Setting levels for QCDS (quality, cost, delivery, service)
    • Identifying R (risk)
    • Formulating requirements and constraints
    • Making briefing sheets
  • Basic plan

    • Design concept
    • Consideration and proposition of facility composition
    • Production of performance requirement and basic plans
  • Project orientation

    • Selection of best members for project's characteristics; implementation system
  • Order assistance

    • Proposition of ordering strategy and method (desing and build, design build, ECI or early contractor involved, etc.)
    • Making order figures book
    • Designer and builder selection assistance

Order Support / Design / Construction Management

Facility strategy execution

We check every process in design, construction and elsewhere with the client's point of view in mind. Problems get fixed promptly. We prevent information exchanges between parties from slowing down or backing up. We do this by, for example, taking design books and other information that is difficult to interpret, even for an expert, and converting them into an accessible format for the client. We get everyone on the same page, so the project runs smoothly.

  • Program structuring

    • Creating a program for services and action required for construction and production
    • Program management
  • Quality promotion and cost adjustment

    • Value engineering (VE)
    • Contractor comparison, evaluation and selection
    • Estimate comparison and verification
  • Design management

    • Design handling
    • QCDSR-based management of design book development processes
    • Design book inspection
    • Contract conclusion assistance
  • Construction management

    • Construction handling
    • Management of design changes
    • Inspection verification
    • Third-party monitoring

Operational Management

Resolution of operational issues to connect to the next business strategy

A facility will last several decades. Over that time, it will age physically, while its social value will also degrade. Eventually, the time will come to review its operation. At Yamashita PMC, we apply our knowledge of architecture, real estate and finances to come up with fundamental solutions to the facility operation issues themselves, as well as the administrative issues in the background and on the periphery, so that we can make improvements together with the client.

  • Structuring and preparation of as-built drawing book system

    • Preparation of as-built drawing book to promptly facilitate business operation
    • Digitalization assistance
  • Maintenance and management assistance

    • Operational management plan to minimize life cycle costs
    • BCP measures
    • Energy conservation management
  • CRE/PRE strategy

    • Preparation of three-part CRE/PRE strategy comprising, business, asset and facility operation
    • Assistance for maximizing ROA/ROE
  • Investment value and risk research

    • Due diligence
    • Production of engineering reports (earthquake resistance, aging assessment, repair plan) to properly appraise real estate

A personal "Facility Dr."

Holistic consideration of the facility, business and asset management to create and implement a powerful CRE strategy

Real estate accounts for a large share of a company's assets. However, many companies' facility management and operation departments deal with issues of preparing and executing corporate real estate (CRE) strategies. Yamashita PMC's Facility Dr. diagnoses these symptoms for you. We do more than just look at the facility on its own. We also consider the facility, your business and your asset management as a whole to propose and implement a strategy that will extend your facility's health and longevity and sustain and improve the real estate's value.

Business process restructuring
(BPM: Business Process Management)

Business operation relations like at no other FM firm

We review business processes related to budget compilation and execution from scratch. This is part of how we structure business processes to connect facility operation to business operation and creation.

  • Business process design
  • Assistance formulating a business process operating manual
  • Assistance operating business processes for facility management
  • Assistance defining information system requirements
  • Assistance managing business progress

Investment decision-making support

Better and faster investment decision-making

From a business operation and creation standpoint, we manage scenes that encourage a broader range of ideas and consensus-making and we define information for making investment decisions.

  • Defining issues to formulate investment strategies
  • Assistance for formulating investment strategies and defining investment requirements
    - Configuration and facilitation of groups for meetings
    - Framework to stimulate discussion
    - CapEx tours
    - Assistance for information analysis and visualization
    - Technical support
    - Production of documents defining investment requirements
  • Assistance for formulation of budget and mid-/long-term investment plan

Project Execution (PM/CM)

Project execution that both cuts expenditures and generates revenue

Yamashita PMC manages projects in order to both cut expenditures and generate revenue, elevating your facility from a cost center to a profit center.

  • Production of order figures book
  • Estimate briefing
  • Q&A handling
  • Estimate document evaluation
  • Production of selection materials for parties with priority negotiation rights
  • Contract conclusion assistance
  • QCDS management assistance

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