120nenkan , Kyousaikan of Japan Women's University

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Project Outline

Business owner Japan Women's University
Location Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Building use university
Total floor area Hyakunijyunen Hall: 5,799.39 m2 / Kyousai Hall: 1,134.68 m2
Structure Hyakunijyunen Hall: S structure, partial SC structure / Kyosai Hall: S structure
Number of floors Hyakunen Hall: 3 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground / Kyousai Hall: 2 floors above ground

Related Building Type

  • Education/Culture/Art

    In the aging society, the way we approach the school development projects is changing. Renovation of aging facilities while standardizing the quality is expected. Also, when necessary we may consider involving private sector in the projects, or studying possibilities of institutional reorganizations and mergers. For private schools, branding and attractive facilities are equally important to acquire new students. In terms of cultural and art facilities, the expected functions are being shifted to more experience-oriented ones such as integration with dining and shopping, or combination of real and virtual etc., to respond to diversifying needs.

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