Olympus Corporation Ishikawa Facility

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Project Outline

Business owner Olympus Corporation
Location Hachioji, Tokyo
Building use R&D facility
Total floor area 約14,800㎡
Structure RC structure (partial S structure)
Number of floors 11 floors above ground/1 floor below ground

Related Building Type

  • R&D/Factory

    Amidst the ever-evolving compositions and demands of market, more and more businesses are attempting to innovate management strategies and review R&D positioning. In the past, the R&D facilities are typically planned, maintained and operated mainly by initiative of the R&D department itself. However, recent R&D initiatives are more influenced by business management strategies, from the planning phase all the way to the operation phase. The key for success in such projects is a solid “R&D business strategy” which directly links to the management. What is essential in building a R&D business strategy is the integration of top-down decisions from the business management, and bottom-up proposals from R&D operations, based on which to structure the facility.

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