Softbank Telecom Corp. Data Center

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Project Outline

Business owner SoftBank Corp.
Building use Data center
Total floor area Approximately 21,000m2
Structure S structure
Number of floors 6 floors above ground

Related Building Type

  • Data center

    Recently, the demand for IT is rapidly growing backed by the increase in cloud platforms and the expansion of digital services. The pace of IT technology evolution is quite rapid, and data centers are required to ensure future maintainability and flexibility from the business point of view to keep up with such speed, in replacement of facility equipment and phased installation of server to be able to meet with the demands. At the same time, data centers must have business continuity plans. From the perspective of reliability, it is vitally important to have infill / infrastructure plans to make sure they do not go down during emergencies. In addition, set against the backdrop of a "decarbonized society" where power consumption needs to be saved, a major focus for data centers is the power usage efficiency.

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