Isuzu Mortors Fujisawa Distribution Center

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Project Outline

Business owner Isuzu Motors Limited
Location Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture
Building use Plant, distribution center
Total floor area 33,721m2
Structure RCSS structure, partial S structure
Number of floors 3 floors above ground

Related Building Type

  • Logistics

    In recent years, the nature and required functions for logistics facilities are drastically evolving, and growth in the area of EC (Electric Commerce) is a part of such changes. Logistics facilities paired with a call center or shooting studio, as well as large-scale high-performance logistics centers equipped with material handling device for the purpose of ensuring efficiency and saving workload are some examples of the newly emerging facilities. At the same time, business owners are increasingly conscious about the BCP (business continuity planning), and demands are growing for safe and secure buildings with enhanced aseismatic performance, and resilient facilities that can quickly recover from disasters. Eco-friendly initiative is also an essential element and some projects require community building approach. While these new needs are apparent, building volume is in the growing trend, while storage and loading/unloading functions are more centralized. Business owners are required to pursue more efficient facilities to stay competitive.

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