Oakwood Residence Shinagawa

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Project Outline

Business owner Real estate investment advisory company
Location Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Building use Service apartments
Total floor area 18,847㎡
Structure RC structure
Number of floors 2 floors underground/31 floors above ground

Related Building Type

  • Hotel

    Recently in the hotel industry, it has become a standard scheme to separate ownership, management and operation and to distribute profits according to the risk ratio, and Japan is no exception. Regardless of whether the business owner is in the position of ownership, management or operation, or, in any phase of the business, professional consulting services - that always verify risks and returns from both management and architectural aspects - are essential. Recently, the grade of the new hotel is in the upward tendency. In general, the higher the hotel grade is, the more complicated the facility specification and complexity get, due to higher quality and quantity of services expected. As a result, the number of the players involved in the project increases such as architects, builders, designers and other consultants, while the business owners are forced to respond to more issues and challenges.

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