COMPANYCompany Information

  • Message from the President

    Read a message from Yamashita PMC President Yuko Maruyama.

  • The Executive Team

    Meet Yamashita PMC's executives.

  • Company Overview

    Get acquainted with Yamashita PMC with some basic information.

  • The Yamashita PMC Philosophy

    Learn about the philosophy we follow.

  • CSV Management

    Find out about our approach to CSV management.

  • SDGs and ESG

    Explore our SDG initiatives and efforts in ESG.

  • The YPMC Way

    This is the code of conduct for each and every Yamashita PMC employee.

  • History

    The PM/CM approach in Japan has been established over our more than 20 years in business.

  • Yamashita PMC Publications

    Peruse a list of books written by directors and top managers from Yamashita PMC.

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