Code of conduct to establish our brand
The YPMC Way

"Providing clients and the public with the mechanisms and facilities to translate a vision into reality." The YPMC Way is imbued with our brand proposition, and it provides the values those working at Yamashita PMC should share to accomplish our goals and mission.


High Concept

  • 01

    Acknowledge the whole

    Look at the entire society and market to contemplate everything an issue affects.

  • 02

    Compete on design thinking

    Improve on your strengths by focusing on inspiration and beauty.

  • 03

    Tell a story

    Weave a tale connecting the public, the client and the facility.

Then, create a business
for the future.


  • 04

    Gain empathy

    Place value on earning empathy from clients and the public

  • 05

    Stimulate playfulness

    Unleash your creativity and direct energy toward your passions.

  • 06

    Approach your work as something to live for

    Through our clients, we can contribute to building a better society.

Then, continue your personal growth.

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