COMPANYCompany Overview

Name Yamashita PMC Inc.
Established December 1, 1997
Offices Head Office
29th Floor, St. Luke's Garden Tower, 8-1 Akashicho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0044 (Reception: 30th floor)
Nearest Stations
Tsukiji Station (Tokyo Metro, 7 minutes’ walk from Exit 3) and Shintomicho Station (Tokyo Metro, 8 minutes' walk from Exit 6) TEL: +81-3-6853-7700 / FAX: +81-3-6853-7702

Osaka Office
16th Floor, Nakanoshima Festival Tower, 2-3-18 Nakanoshima, Kita-Ku, Osaka City Osaka 530ー0005
TEL: +81-6-6203-8007

Yokohama Office
3-1, MID POINT Yokohama Kannai, 3-30-1 Tokiwacyou, Naka-Ku, Yokohama City Kanagawa 231-0014
TEL: +81-45-263-9843
Director, Executive Chairman Hidehito Kawahara
President, CEO and COO Yuko Maruyama
Director, Senior Vice President and CFO Yasunori Nomura
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CIO Masayuki Kinoshita
Director, Senior Executive Officer and CMO Tatsushi Murata
Director, Senior Executive Officer Kazuki Mikawa
Director Satoshi Kishikawa
Auditor Hideo Fujita
Executive Officer Hiroshi Matsuura
Employees 234 (including contract workers, etc.; current as of June 7, 2022)
Qualified construction managers certified by the Construction Management Association of Japan (CCMJ): 113
Class I architects: 129
Class I architects of structural design: 6
Class I architects of equipment design: 12
Professional engineers: 10
Public building work quality assurance engineer: 4
Registered real-estate transaction specialists of Japan: 26
Class I architectural construction management engineers: 20
Class I electrical construction management engineers: 10
Class I plumbing construction management engineers: 11
Certified facility managers: 26
CASBEE architecture assessors: 42
Redevelopment planners: 5
Interior planners: 2
Medical practice management consultant: 4
Ph.D. holders: 1
Licenses Class I architectural firm, Governor of Tokyo registration #42811
Class I architectural firm, Governor of Osaka registration #26099
Real estate broker, Governor of Tokyo registration #(3)91683
ZEB planner registered with the Sustainable Open Inovation Initiative #ZEB2020P-00047-C
Affiliates Yamashita Sekkei Inc.
Yamashita Technos Co., Ltd.


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