COMPANYThe Executive Team

  • Hidehito Kawahara

    Director,Executive ChairmanHidehito Kawahara

    Joined Yamashita Sekkei Inc. after stints at the Farmland Development Public Corporation, JICA and elsewhere. A founding member of Yamashita PMC (previously Yamashita PM Consultants) when the company was established in 1999. Has since built the cornerstones of construction management techniques in Japan. Author of "Facility Strategist" (published by Diamond, Inc.) and "The Strongest Rules of the Platform Business" (published by Kobunsha Co., Ltd.).

  • Yuko Maruyama

    President, CEO and COOYuko Maruyama

    After stints at a major construction firm and a real estate developer, joined Yamashita PMC. Has provided early-stage project proposals on market research, business feasibility studies, concept plans and more for the construction of hotels, medical facilities and MICE facilities. Leads both domestic and global operations.Became CEO on January 28, 2022.

  • Yasunori Nomura

    Director, Senior Vice President and CFOYasunori Nomura

    Joined Yamashita Sekkei after working at a major property developer. Afterward, handled PM/CM at Yamashita PMC. Led large R&D and production facility construction projects. Currently acts as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the head of HR and general affairs to drive governance and talent acquisition and training. Leads initiatives to strengthen the company's business foundations.

  • Masayuki Kinoshita

    Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CIOMasayuki Kinoshita

    After performing design work at Yamashita Sekkei and working in investments, such as new investment and value-creation, for a real estate investment group in a large life insurance firm, joined Yamashita PMC. Has rolled out services for business model creation and handled numerous large projects for sports, schools, offices and more. Additionally, implements reform as Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). Author of "Huge Growth by Eliminating Wasted Effort: Smart Work Techniques" (published by Diamond, Inc.).

  • Tatsushi Murata

    Director,Senior Executive Officer and CMOTatsushi Murata

    Since joining Yamashita PMC, has handled many large projects for offices, data centers, production & research facilities, earthquake reconstruction projects and more. Particularly well-versed in various bid contracts for public facilities and has an extensive track record in government buildings, schools, sports facilities and the like. Also acting as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to move forward the company's overall marketing strategy.

  • Kazuki Mikawa

    Director and Senior Executive OfficerKazuki Mikawa

    After working for a design firm, joined Yamashita PMC. Has handled PM/CM for the construction of large, complex facilities including corporate headquarter buildings, R&D facilities and distribution warehouses. Drives projects forward by harmonizing the interests of multiple stakeholders to lay out the best system for solving issues and implementing a vision for the client.

  • Satoshi Kishikawa

    DirectorSatoshi Kishikawa

    Appointed Director of Yamashita PMC Inc. on December 17, 2021. Also serves as a director and executive officer of Yamashita Sekkei Inc.Engaged in project management work in addition to design and supervision work.

  • Hiroshi Matsuura

    Executive OfficerHiroshi Matsuura

    After working for a major construction company, joined Yamashita PMC. Has handled numerous facility construction projects for notable Japanese sites including R&D centers, manufacturing sites, hotels and more. Particularly knowledgeable about FM/LCM to solve issues related to CRE/PRE strategy. Started up and rolled out Facility Dr.® across a wide customer base.

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