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Providing facility strategy and solution for client and society, the vision comes to life.

The “Facility Strategist” committed to the society and its future.

Yamashita PMC will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in December 2022. Since its establishment as the specialist of the Project Management (PM) and Construction Management (CM), our corporate philosophy has been unchanged - that is, “be sincere to clients”.

Guided by this philosophy, we constantly ask ourselves how we could deliver what our clients truly need, instead of just pursuing our own interests, and we have been fortunate to grow our business scope through such market-oriented approach.

Our mission is to provide the cutting-edge PM/CM services, and we have never stopped exerting the best efforts in research and development. We are most grateful to our clients for their trusts and opportunities extended to us, that have brought us to today’s achievements.

In 2018, we created the brand proposition – “Providing facility strategy and solution for client and society, the vision comes to life”. Our service is based on the so-called “triple-win” business philosophy advocated by the famous merchants of Omi region - “Good for the Buyer, Seller and for the Society” - but ours is “quadruple-win”, with the “Future” added as the fourth winner.

In typical construction management services, there are three elements to be managed - Quality, Cost and Delivery. On top of those three, we are committed to manage Operations (businesses and services), as well as Environment to meet with the global needs for reduction of environmental impacts.

As a “Facility Strategist”, Yamashita PMC strives to continue our efforts to be true to our commitment to the society and its future.

Yuko Maruyama, President, CEO and COO

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