COMPANYMessage from the President

We provide clients and the public with the mechanisms and facilities to translate a vision into reality.
Yamashita PMC is your Facility Strategist.

We make client facilities places where marketing can be developed.
We make client facilities places where innovation is generated.
The marketing and innovation are made possible by our most fitting strategy, which is in turn is made possible by
our expert facility project management.
These have been our mission since the foundation of our company.

Operating across a wide range of fields including facilities, architecture and construction, Yamashita PMC consistently masters the art of coordination to accomplish the client's goal of producing a place for doing business and to successfully create new customers for the client.

At Yamashita PMC, our core business is to precisely set, maintain and solve issues pertaining to the quality, operating services, costs and deadlines required to construct a facility. By moving a project forward with a consistently client-led approach, we guide the work toward success in terms of the client's true objectives and ideas. The diligent accumulation of results has built client trust in Yamashita PMC and we are deeply grateful for where we are.

The future we see here at Yamashita PMC is one where we develop into more than a Facility Strategist, pursuing further social and economic value, and making society as a whole a happier place by connecting the public with our clients and others involved in the construction industry. We shall contribute to the creation of the socially-advanced country everyone dreams about. The challenge we set for ourselves is to aspire to a higher level of marketing and innovation. Together, our employees continue to remain devoted as we strive to improve ourselves and the company.

Hidehito Kawahara, President, CEO and COOHidehito Kawahara

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