From the dawn of the construction management industry in Japan to the construction industry of the future


Founding of a new business and establishing methods

In 1997, the year after the financial Big Bang of deregulation in Japan's financial industry, Yamashita PMC Inc. split off from Yamashita Sekkei Inc. to establish Japan's first specialty PM/CM company.
Initially, our primary work involved moving forward projects for R&D facilities and manufacturing sites. As we figured out how to satisfy a complex array of requirements in the midst of a transformation of society, right away we started working on ways to start fully managing separate orders (via a pure CM approach where a PM/CM company is completely independent from a design and construction contract) and we then established those techniques.


Challenges for revenue-generating facilities and the financial sector

Along with the institutionalization of project finance, we executed projects with a greater complexity of interests involved, primarily with real estate investment fund projects.
We established an assortment of solutions in project finance for making combined use of five types of revenue-generating facilities: rental offices, designer apartment buildings, logistics facilities, commercial facilities and hotels.

  • Hitachi Maxell Head Office Building
    Hitachi Maxell Head Office Building
  • Advantest Kitakyusyu R&D Center
    Advantest Kitakyusyu R&D Center
  • Softbank Telecom Corp. Data Center
    Softbank Telecom Corp. Data Center



To come up with solutions in project finance, we rolled out a method of problem-solving for companies by adopting a corporate real estate (CRE) mindset, and our business became weighted more toward CRE strategy solutions.
We created, prepared and implemented off-balance strategies employing securitization schemes to develop, streamline and liquidize diverse assets.
As we began to handle more projects and the scale of the facilities being constructed grew larger and more complex, we applied numerous means of practicing hands-on PM/CM, where we took a strong lead for clients and the projects' interested parties to guide the projects toward success.


Business creation, with bigger projects and more complexity

More of our work involved creating and putting into place businesses of the future for our clients.
The reconstruction after the Tohoku earthquake, the run-up to the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games, along with amendments to the Act on Promoting Quality Assurance in Public Works, gave further momentum for us to focus more on public real estate (PRE) strategy.We then expanded the scope of our business to large public works projects.
Many orders encompassed multiple CRE properties located in Japan which belong to an independent company or a group company. Our primary task became handling sophisticated management and solutions, such as how to address complicated issues over the life cycle of a building as well as in each phase.

  • Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited Shonan Research Center
    Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited Shonan Research Center
  • Nakanoshima Festival Tower
    Nakanoshima Festival Tower
  • Ishinomaki Fishery Products Local Wholesale Market
    Ishinomaki Fishery Products Local Wholesale Market


Establishing our position as a Facility Strategist

We established our approach as our clients' Facility Strategist to vigorously move a project forward.
Through dialog with the client's management team, our managers analyze where the essential administrative issues lie. We see the business, assets and facility operation as three parts of one whole as we look through the eyes of our client's managers, and then we offer a solution.
This approach facilitates the creative building of a business, tying business strategy and facility strategy closer together and encouraging their combination.

  • MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless
    MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless
  • Avex Head Office Building
    Avex Head Office Building
  • Nippon Rietec
    Nippon Rietec
    Photo:Harunori Noda

2019 and onward

The transition to a socially advanced country

Mastering the art of a Facility Strategist and then transcending it. We aim to think outside the frameworks of facility construction and operation, and of PM/CM operations, to build a business platform that connects diverse people, goods, facilities, services and infrastructure.
As a starting point, we have initiated projects that will lead to concrete ideas and action with our Seven-Part Strategy and reconstruction of the value chain.
Looking forward, we shall refine our design thinking to expand our ambitions from creating facilities to taking on challenges in new business and making new approaches.

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