• Pursuing profit while solving social issues

    Since Yamashita PMC's founding, our guideline for the true success of the client's business has been whether or not it creates both social and business value. This is the basis for the management of creating shared value (CSV) that we have promoted.
    Of course, the basis for CSV management is corporate social responsibility, or CSR, which involves contributions to the soundness and continuity of society, primarily in the construction industry, as well as fair and transparent management.

  • Three elements enterprises demand of facility construction

    A profit/loss sheet that shows how much money a company is making and a balance sheet listing the value of assets are used as indicators for measuring financial health. Naturally, the enterprises among our clients wish to generate profits from the operation of their facilities and to raise those assets' value.
    Recently, another essential indicator has joined the two mentioned above: environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment.
    Therefore, at Yamashita PMC, we take all three of these perspectives into consideration while managing the construction and operation of commercial facilities to help our clients execute CSV management.

  • CSV management, the Yamashita PMC way

    Our goal of being a Facility Strategist goes farther beyond this. As Peter Drucker says, " There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer," so our clients' objectives go no more than growing their business and creating customers. A facility is nothing but a foundation for creating them. That is why we believe the intrinsic role of a Project Manager and Construction Manager is to formulate and implement a plan to achieve a workflow that will "create a customer" by means of a facility.
    By rebuilding the construction value chain and applying our Seven-Part Strategy, we and our clients create an advanced industrial model for the future and contribute to building a better society. This is our approach to CSV management at Yamashita PMC.

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